Precision haircut, optional hot lather and straight razor neck shave.

| Clean-Up |

(No Appointment required just stop in)
For in between haircuts, clean up around ears and neck shave.

| Straight Razor Shave |

Classic shave hot towel/cold towel service pre shave oils, hot lather, post shave.

| Premium Shave |

Double your indulgence a classic shave twice over with a daily facial and aloe mask.

| Simple Beard Trim |

Precision shaping
Beard product (optional)

| Beard Trim 1/2 Shave |

Simple beard trim with straight razor shave line up.

| Premium Beard Trim 1/2 Shave |

Precision shaping, straight razor line up and oil treatment.

| Daily Facial |

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize with hot and cold towels.

| Detoxifying Facial |

Cleanse, exfoliate, detox mask. Hot and cold towels

| Headache & Stress Relief Facial |

A face massage with essential oils to relieve stress & calm your whole system.
(Hot & cold towels)

| Color |

Permanent all-over hair color.

| Gray Blending |

Expertly provides a natural look for the man who still wants a bit of gray.

| Facial Waxing |